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Word Warp
Developer: Mobilityware
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Word Warp! I love this game and everything about it. This is probably the one iPhone app that I have used everyday since I have downloaded it. The object of the game is exactly like that of Text Twist if you are familiar with it. If not, basically all you have to do is make the most words you can using the 6 letters presented — in order to go to the next level you have to make a word using all 6.

The game is very addicting and allows you to leave in the middle of a game and return to where you left off. I love this feature because it constantly keeps me coming back for more so I can continue building up a high score.

If you click the info button on the bottom right corner, you'll find directions for the game and a few options. Players can set a time limit for each set of words. I like to keep mine under 3 minutes because I find that if there is no rush in the game then it loses its appeal. There is also the option to use an alternate word list and a button to check out more apps made by the same people, MobilityWare.

There is something about word games that I love, especially when they are mobile and be played anytime anywhere. Word Warp is my first go-to game when I find myself out of the house and not doing anything. Every time you see me sitting on the train or in a waiting room I am listening to music and playing some Word Warp. My hat goes off to the people of MobilityWare.

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  • Swampmaster

    Try Lexitron, It's much more polished and a much better game with the same concept

  • Smarzok

    BEWARE!!!! This game is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!!!! Only download if going on vacation to a beach filled with really ugly people!!! You can literally spend HOURS playing this game it's so addictive.

  • WordFan

    I think the graphics need to be polished a lot in this game. WordsWorth seems to be a lot more refined and gripping!

  • http://- Jerami B

    The game is perfect. Simple yet fun. I think that no adjustments are needed. To many time programmers spend unneeded code on graphics. This game could have no color and text only and it would still be one of the best games for the Touch! My friend and I are constantly texting each other our current level and high scores. He'll send me his letters and I'll try to figure out the 6, and vise versa.

  • TC Y

    Basically Boggle, no?

  • Sam

    I'm a big word game freak..'Wordulous' which just hit the App Store a couple of days back is much better than Word Warp..The UI is much more appealing and Global leader board take the challenge to another level for a serious word gamer..

  • GetchaSome

    I dig this game. I just discovered another game... Rummage. Its not a vocabulary game, its like a word hunt puzzle game. There is alot of strategy involved. Its cool Check it.


  • http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/abc-alphabet-soup/id351030494?mt=8 Rodrigo

    The word game ABC Alphabet Soup is similar to Word Warp, but with an intuitive interface and beautiful art. I recomend it!

  • http://ashleywoodruff.com Ashley

    I have to disagree, the game slapword is really the best!