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Word Winder HD
Developer: Adveractive, Inc.
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Word Winder HDWhether you’re a word game fan or not, Word Winder HD is a must-see app simply for its brilliant combination of word play, trivia and word-building strategy. More than just a word game, Word Winder HD is addictive, entertaining and best of all, challenging in a fun way. Developed by syndicated puzzle master David L. Hoyt, Word Winder HD trumps just about any other word game for iPad.

With different modes of play, Word Winder HD is a mix of puzzles that never gets stale. Players can opt to challenge themselves or play with up to two friends in a pass-and-play style word finding game. In single player mode there are both Finder and Frenzy modes challenging players to find words of different lengths. Some words are based on specific clues and others are not, but the word must be found spanning the entire board from top to bottom, left to right or corner to corner according to the rules. The pass-and-play multiplayer mode can be timed or untimed and played with up to three people. It challenges players to find words using more letter tiles than their opponents.

With Word Winder HD there is a nice selection of puzzles available by default within the free app. Additional puzzles, in both Frenzy and Finder modes are available to purchase directly within the app. Frenzy mode challenges players to make several three to six letter words, while awarding bonus points for finding seven letter words and more if you can use every letter tile on the board. Finder mode consists of four rounds and is a word find with trivia-type questions, categories and headers serving as clues. Most of the Finder clues are based on randomness, but there is a Finder puzzle available for movie fans with clues that are based solely on the silver screen. All the extra puzzles have the same attention to detail and the ideal blend of challenge and reward.

Besides being a nice collection of word puzzles, Word Winder HD has an easy to use and understand interface. Tapping adjoining letter tiles builds the words, while tapping in reverse will deselect the letters. There is also a convenient “clear” button for starting over and a “pause” button to save a puzzle or multiplayer game in progress and resume at a later time. As an added bonus, a Merriam-Webster Dictionary is built in for quick reference. The only thing really missing at this point is an online, turn-based game mode to challenge friends from afar.

If you’re a fan of crosswords, word finds, jumbles and similar word games, then Word Winder HD is a must have. Available only for iPad, Word Winder HD is a free app with several unique and original puzzles included. Essentially, if you’re looking for a solid word game to play alone or with friends and family, then Word Winder HD is the perfect choice.

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