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Developer: ngmoco, LLC
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WordFu iPhone appIf you think you’ve seen it all in the App Store guess again. ngmoco, the makers of hit games like Rolando, Mazefinger and Topple bring WordFu to the App Store. WordFu is a boggle-like game wrapped up in a Kung fu theme. Shake your iPhone to roll the letter dice, then spell as many words as possible before time is up. Asian drums play in the background punctuated by the grunts and hee-yas of Kung Fu students.

Start the game and WordFu offers the option to play alone or versus a friend over the same Wi-Fi network. Once you begin, you’ll have 20 seconds to get the best letters you can. If you're not happy with the roll, you can re-roll or also flick individual die to change the letter. Next you’ll have 45 seconds to tap out as many words as you can. Shake your handset once you’ve got your word.

The better you get, the more points you’ll accumulate. Along the way there are ways to freeze time or double your points. But be careful, incorrect words will negatively affect the score.

The gameplay in WordFu is pretty much what we've come to expect from ngmoco — great graphics, original sound and some kind of adventure. WordFu is a solid game with lots of attention given to the details. The Kung fu sounds are a charming and humorous addition to a theme that is a uniquely clever way to keep users returning again and again.

WordFu’s dictionary has over 200,000 words in it. Even with that many words waiting to be found, it’s not easy. Even scrabble masters and crossword puzzle kings and queens are bound to be stumped. And, don't think you can hit pause to sneak some extra time either; hitting pause on WorFu hides the screen.

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  • http://www.crazymikesapps.com Michael Vallez

    I have not reviewed WordFu as of yet, still trying to get past one round. This game app is definitely a tough game and worth the money. I like the fact that the dictionary has over 200,000 words. Your right the negative scoring detail makes this game tough. You cannot just throw words against the wall and hope for the best.

    Nice article Issen. CM