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Developer: Paul Jacobs
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wordipus iphoneI need word.i.pus, from Paul Jacobs, because I cheat at Scrabble. That's the only way I can beat my wife who has Oracle Database 11g for a brain. She knows I cheat but she lets me get away with it because she also knows I won't play against her otherwise.

word.i.pus goes a long way toward leveling the playing field, at least the field I play on. Enter the letters on the seven tiles you have in front of you and word.i.pus will find the words hidden among them along with their Scrabble point values.

You also can use word.i.pus for word games that require you to make up as many words as you can from another word. I'll bet you didn't know you could make 52 words from "filbert."

I'll also bet you didn't know you could re-arrange "filbert" 150 different ways and not spell a single word. I don't know why the developer thought a randomly generated list of non-words can be a feature, but there you have it.

One thing word.i.pus doesn't tell you when you launch the app, is that its settings are in the iPhone Settings menu. I think that's a goofy omission and one the developer should address in the next update.

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  • Paul Jacobs

    Hi - I'm a little late in responding, but thanks for your review. I've done a couple updates since then, and I am almost ready with another turned into Apple that has an iPad interface, has better support for hi-res screens and iOS 4, and more..

    Anyway - the reason I thought it would be useful to show re-arrangements is that you can set it to just show re-arrangements, to help you a limited amount. This is good if you're nearly the same skill level as the other player, but could still use a boost to make it a fun game. It's intended to be about making things fun for everyone, rather than cheating. But to each their own.