WordJong is a Word Puzzle and Mahjong in One Game


wordjong iphoneEvery time I begin to think I've seen every imaginable variation on a word game, along comes something like Gameblend Studios' WordJong. Evidently the game has been around for the PC, DS and Wii platforms for quite a while, so I'm surprised I haven't run across it before. I didn't know what I've been missing.

WordJong, as its name suggests, combines elements of a word puzzle and Mahjong. The object is to use the letters on the tiles to spell words and remove the tiles so that none are left. Don't worry about running out of words. WordJong has a dictionary of 100,000-plus, according to Gameblend.

What you also want to do is earn the biggest score possible for each word. Now, here's an interesting twist: there's a new puzzle every day, which is submitted by one of seven master wordsmiths represented by the signs of the Zodiac. Each master comes with a unique personality, challenge and point tally that you must beat to progress.

WordJong looks good and the soundtrack has a soothing Asian flavor to it. Having a new puzzle to solve everyday means you have virtually unlimited game play. Put this one on your iPhone or iPod touch and leave it there. You're going to be using it — a lot.

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