WordList Pro Boosts Vocab for GRE and SAT Exam Takers

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WordList Pro
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wordlist pro iphone appTintash says its WordList Pro is aimed at students who are preparing for the GRE or SAT. Why stop there? Anyone who wants to give his or her vocabulary a boost could benefit from using WordList Pro. I learned several new words that most people probably would expect a long-time writer to know already.

WordList Pro is organized into 50 word lists that comprise more than 4,000 words. It's an electronic deck of flash cards containing the most commonly tested words and their meanings on two widely used tests for getting out of high school and for getting into college.

WordList Pro is simple to use. Select a word from the word list, which is arranged in alphabetical order, and then scroll through the words — also arranged alphabetically — in the section of the list.

You can test yourself on easy-medium-hard levels. When you come across a word whose meaning you don't know, tap the screen to see its definition.

You can go through the cards one at a time by sliding your finger across the screen or using the arrow icons to scroll back and forth. Double tapping the screen also takes you to the next card in the deck.

You can also "shuffle" the deck to randomly test yourself. Finally, there's a "List" button to take you back.

WordList Pro is a bit pricey, given its limited features. The App Store has a number of similar vocabulary builders that are less expensive or free. The advantage with WordList is that the vocabulary words for the GRE and SAT are contained in one app, although I'm not convinced it's worth the extra money.

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