Race to Make Words with WordMonger HD

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

wordmonger-hd-appWordMonger HD is another in the line of word games that that are quite popular on iDevices. Words with Friends and Scrabble are among those that dominate this category. While WordMonger does not have the social features of those other games it is a good challenge for those who want another app to tackle in this genre.

WordMonger HD (available for both iPhone and iPad) plays like a hybrid of Boggle and Tetris.

The object is to make words with a series of letter tiles laid out across a grid. Tapping on two letters swaps their location. This can be done within the same row or a column. Once you have a word, swiping on the letters and tapping scores the points for the word and those letters disappear. When this happens other letters slide onto the screen Tetris-style. The lengthier the word, the more points accumulated.

Of course if that is where it ended the game would be quite boring. Instead there are several tricks and bonus features to spice things up. For example, some of the letters carry extra points when used to make a word. Also from time to time a bonus word will pop up on the bottom of the screen, which is worth a higher value if created within a time limit.

WordMonger HD also gets particularly wacky by sending in birds, arrows, and bombs to try and disrupt your word making. For example, a bird will drop an occasional egg on some letters, freezing them so they can't be used to build words. In later rounds a bomb placed on a letter means it must be used or all the tiles are blown away—ending the game.

If you want a tutorial then WordMonger HD can walk you through all the main features of the game. Text balloons pop up with information for how to play. Just tap through them and then it is time for the first round.

Fans of games like Scrabble, Boggle and Words with Friends will probably enjoy WordMonger HD with its challenges and zany features.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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