WordSearch Unlimited is Short of Interesting Features.

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Word Search Unlimited
Developer: Yongkai Lei
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

wordsearch unlimited iphone appThere’s not much to hidden-word search puzzles like VirtueSoft’s WordSearch Unlimited. The big idea is to find words hidden in a grid. The words are spelled forward or backward, top to bottom or on a diagonal.

WordSearch Unlimited's take on the traditional game is based on an 11 x 11 grid. The hidden words are generated randomly and the developer says you will never see the same puzzle twice, giving you unlimited game play. There's a risk you might find some words profane or objectionable, the dev warns.

WordSearch Unlimited differs slightly from the nearly 30 games of this kind in the app store. It features hidden word search in five language, listed as English, French, Germany (which really should be German), Spanish and Italian. It also features puzzles in Food & Drink, Fruit & Vegetable (which really should be Vegetables) and Cloth (which really should be Clothes).

Ironic that a company that markets a word game that mixes nouns and adjectives and other faux pas, no? I shouldn’t point fingers, I suppose, I’ve made my share of goofs here and elsewhere. I just think if you’re going to be in that line of business and charge people $0.99 for an app, it should set a good example. WordSearch Unlimited is currently on sale for half off, by the way. The developer does not say in its app description just how long the sale will last.

There’s a timer that counts up, so you can see how long it takes to solve a puzzle. That makes little sense to me because if each puzzle is completely different than the next, what’s the point of keeping track of time? Obviously, some puzzle are easier to solve than others. It makes more sense to have the timer count down, to add to the word-puzzle-solving challenge.

Immediately under the letter grid are four columns of words, with up to four words in each column, giving you up to 16 possible words hidden in the puzzle. I would have preferred having the option of hiding the list of hidden words so the challenge would be to uncover as many as you could find. If you get stuck in WordSearch Unlimited, there’s a hint button, although most people will probably have little use for it.

Last, you have the option to chose from among backgrounds and text — some combinations I found difficult to read.

In VirtueSoft’s app description in the App Store, this latest version has some new features, one of which is “Staying awake while playing.” Unfortunately, that feature apparently hasn’t been enabled, because WordSearch Unlimited is a veritable snooze. The screen captures shown in the description do not match those of the app either.

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