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World Countries ALL-IN-ONE. 19 Educational Apps (AppStore Link)
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World Countries ALL-IN-ONE. 19 Educational Apps
Developer: ADS Software Group, Inc.
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World Countries by New York-based developer ADS Software Group, Inc. is a comprehensive fact book for 200+ countries and it is a useful tool for looking up reference information or for learning the facts and testing yourself on basic knowledge.

World Countries is divided into two categories, an alphabetical index and a quiz. The alphabetical list includes 200 countries and upon selection of one country a basic info card will come up on the screen, stating the country's capital, continent, population, area, languages, main cities and religions. These basic fact cards come in different colors, making it easier to learn the facts for the more visual learners out there.

If it is more information you desire, the "more info" button will bring up much more detailed information for each country. A short text about the country's historical background is followed by more extensive geographical facts. Detailed information is provided on the country's population demographics, including age structure, life expectancy, birth rate, ethnic groups, education etc. The type and set-up of the government and its legal system is another category with information on the country's political parties as well as the address and number of its diplomatic representation in the United States. An overview of the economy (GDP, labor force etc) as well as some facts about Communications (number of phone lines, radio stations etc) are followed by a list of the country's transportation set-up (number of airports, railways, roadways) and information on its military forces. Finally the country's current transnational issues are listed at the end of this vast catalog of information.

The app gets its information from the CIA's "The 2008 World Factbook" and a link to Wikipedia is provided for further information.

World Countries lists every country with its flag, which can be enlarged for easier visual recognition. Additionally a map of each country can be brought up on the screen.

For anyone who likes to extend their knowledge without any specific objective, a quick shake of the iPhone will bring up the facts of a random country. This is a good exercise for the quiz section of Worl Countries, which includes questions on basic facts like capitals and locations, flag recognition, and a "Guess the Country" category, which provides all the basic facts of a country without its name.

There is a free light edition of World Countries, which only includes Europe (Countries LE) but with the amount of information provided and both the colorful fact cards as well as the more sober extended information, World Countries will serve anyone from school kids, to college students, to professionals looking for reference, to fact addicts who want to extend their knowledge. World Countries is well worth the price.

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