Wundrbar Seeks to Unify Web Apps

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Wundrbar for iPhoneWundrbar seeks to simplify your web browsing experience by offering some of the top web sites and information all inside one app. It has promise as a way to deliver more iPhone-friendly content gathered across the web for easy access. With more customization features, Wundrbar could be an app to contend with and simplify the vast amount of information available on the iPhone.

Just about any major topic or popular web site on the Internet is available on Wundrbar. Most of the popular news, sports, travel, entertainment, lifestyle, and food sites are there. Also included are some that would benefit those who live in the San Francisco Bay Area (BART and Caltrain times and searches). In all there are over 70 sites that have the content reformatted for your iPhone. Another great feature is that for many sites there is the option of just getting the content for the page or doing a search. Bring up Best Buy and then you can start searching for your favorite electronics gear. Or search Google News for a particular topic.

There are also some options for customization. Under the favorites section you can select sites from among the master list. So if you are a news hound and want to load up on CNN, The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, or another major site it is available. There are also several major blogs and search sites to add to the list.

Wundrbar is still in beta, so there is a lot of development and changes promised to come. For example, the Wundrbar Web site has a wish list section where users who create an account can request and voter for new sites to be added. There is also a complete list of the sites that are currently available within Wundrbar.

The key difference between Wundrbar and simply bookmarking all of these sites inside Safari is the quick availability of popular sites and the iPhone-friendly format of the content. If you like what you see inside of Wundrbar then it may be a great time saver. But if you want a bit more freedom to surf around and discover new sites and apps then the experience may feel limiting. Wundrbar will be one to keep an eye on how it develops over time.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Dennis

    This is a great app! A friend suggested it to me a couple days ago, so I downloaded it, not expecting much. Well, was I wrong! I've already used it many times-- it's great for checking news on the go, and the flight tracking feature works great. Definitely worth the price, and then some!