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Wurdle iPhone gameSimilar to games like Boggle, the goal of Wurdle is to find connected blocks that can form words within a certain amount of time — usually two minutes. During this time, you want to get the most amount of words as well as the longest words possible to get the highest score. To connect the word blocks you drag your finger from block at block going either up and down, side to side, or diagonally. Wurdle can bring a lot of fun to your iPhone or iPod touch.

When you click the info button on the bottom right in Wurdle you open up a page full of options.  You can play the game in classic mode or pass and play mode which allows you to play with another person. You can change the color of the tiles to best suit your mood, change the wallpaper picture, and choose to shut off sound effects. All nice touches.

The Wurdle options also let you change the difficulty level by setting the amount of time that the game will be played, changing the grid size and the minimum word length. Wurdle also allows you to change the sensitivity level, which to be honest, I don't exactly understand why one might need this feature, but it's there if you want it.

Wurdle's info page provides instructions on how to play and also gives you tips for playing the game to the best of your ability. Wurdle is relatively easy to play and gets more difficult only when you're ready.

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  • Jason

    Any 1 tried WordsWorth? It is a word game which is quiet different from the rest of the word games available on the App Store.

  • iphone game reviews

    Most of my word search before Wurdle was on paper, where time is not a factor. I thought I was good at word search until Wurdle kicked my butt. This game is a lot of fun because it takes a game we all know and adds twists to it that make it new and fresh.