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X-mas Calendar 2011
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X-Mas Calendar 2011 for iPadWhile prepping for Christmas doesn't truly start for my family until after Thanksgiving, we're probably like most in that we definitely starting thinking about the magical holiday season as soon as the temperatures start dipping. And one thing that always comes to mind is and Advent calendar. The one with all the little doors to open or count down in anticipation of Christmas. Well, there's an app for that and it's called X-Mas Calendar 2011 by Georg Rosenfeld.

The X-Mas Calendar 2011 iPad app is a mix of modern technology and the traditional Advent calendar that dates back to the beginning of the 19th century and comes from the German Lutherans. A little fun fact is that originally people would count down the days to Christmas by drawing a chalk line on the outside of their door each morning. However, some would go a step further and light a candle or place a different decoration, thus that's why most Advent calendars today are in the shape of a house. 

When the app is launched it goes directly into the calendar with days 1 through 24 placed throughout the scene. The scene is actually quite well done in that it's a beautiful depiction of a wintery scene straight out of a quaint little neighborhood. From roofs covered with snow to reindeer prancing through the lawn, this app has a lot of visual appeal to it that helps get you into the holiday spirit. Also, the images can be enlarged by the pinch motion making it a lot easier to see all of the detail of the holiday scene.

As for using the app, simply launch the app each day and gather the family around to top one the number of the day to uncover a neat little holiday-esque scene. By default, the user can open any door at any time. If they really want to have the anticipation build and leave every door a surprise then they can configure the app to only allow the door to open on the specific day tied to it. Also, the location of all the other days will be hidden so that each one will be a surprise the next day. The only thing that threw me off was that these functions can't be changed from within the app. They have to be turned on and off on the iPad's setting device under the apps section.

If getting into the Christmas spirit is something that truly makes your holiday then checking out the X-Mas Calendar 2011 could be quite fun for the family. It seams as if there was a lot of time put into the artistic side of this app and it's kind of neat to look at. Kind of like those snow globes.

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  • Andrew

    Very nice app. Christmas is coming.