Xewton Music Studio is a Beast — and We Mean it in the Best Possible Way

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Music Studio
Developer: Alexander Gross
Price: $14.99 Download on the App Store

xewton-music-studio-appLets start with the bad news, Xewton Music Studio is a $20 iphone application. That is a lot of money on a platform that offers an almost infinite amount of free and under $2 apps. That being said this thing is a beast and in a world that seems to be in a drunken race to the bottom, I will gladly stand on the top and give Xewton my hard earned 20 bucks.

One of the best aspects of this music studio app is the sounds quality — this baby purrs. The dare I say brilliant sound quality really shines when mixing a track with one of the 21 instruments included in the app. Another very cool feature is the ability to transfer and save your work through wi-fi, this simple but rather important feature gives Zewton a very real usefulness — especially for those composing on the run (you know who I am talking about out there).

All of this plus the fact that you can play or record two different instruments at the same time makes Xewton Music Studio a relatively expensive app for the common folk but a borderline must-have for anyone with a musical ear. There we've said it., this app is not for the "casual musician." Xewton Music Studio is advanced, robust, complex and full of moving parts.

If you are a professional — or hard-core amateur — musician that needs a portable music studio for on-the-spot audio production, then you know that $20 is a gift. These stats may not mean much to the rest of us, but pros will appreciate the lengthy features list direct from the developer:

  • Photo-realistic, dynamically configurable 85-key keyboard
  • Professionally sampled instruments — studio recorded, 16bit, 44kHz from real instruments
  • Release and attack time configurable per instru
  • Sustain samples
  • 4 real-time effects with lots of parameters
  • Reverb, delay, 3-band equalizer, amplifier
  • 128-track sequencer
  • Per-track mute, solo, effect bus, pan and volume adjustment
  • Select, move, copy, delete, repeat, transpose whole measures
  • Draw and edit notes (move, transpose, velocity, etc)
  • Save, load and export your songs to wave

If you're on the road to stardom, remember this: Nothing says Rock Star like a music studio in your pocket. Check out the video demo to see Xewton Music Studio in action.


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  • http://none Sporto

    I do not have wifi. Is it possible to transfer to pc and itunes via the usb cable??


  • Dave

    Wow, except it sounds rather cheesy for the price....

  • Dane

    This app may be somewhat fun, but for a pro it's down right amazing. $20 is a steal!

  • Eriq Troi

    Can I export/import wav from my voice library to the the app to create vocal tracks?

  • Dabeast

    Its awesome based on ipod touch standards just like Fl studios which is expensive.

  • Simon

    Like most elements of the iPhone, USB transfer is a near impossibility (even after jailbreaking). Pretty much everything has to be done via the unstable and slow WiFi - and that's assuming your iphone is lucky enough to sync-up via WiFi.

    One way to describe this app is like Cubase/Reason with a built in MIDI soundset but without any audio capabilities.

    Despite the iPhone being a useless turd with limitations and locks up to it's eyeballs, this app is excellent considering what it can do, and there's nothing else comparable on altenative mobile operating systems.