Mass Producing Cartoon Cards with Xmas Card Factory

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xmas card factory iphoneWho wouldn’t want an app that enables them to send a holiday card with caricature drawings and witty jibes centered around the Christmas nativity?

I can imagine there are plenty of people, myself included, who’d rather not. But for those who find wry Christmas comics amusing, the Xmas Card Factory is a festive way to share a cartoon greeting card.

The app distinguishes itself by being the only e-greeting app to include cards that correspond to different professions. So, if you're looking for a cheap way to send 200 holiday cards to your co-works, then Xmas Card Factory by Bytes in Boxes might just be the ideal seasonal grab.

Xmas Card Factory supplies a list of professions ranging from architects and athletes to software engineers and tax consultants. The card created features stationary cartoon caricatures representing the main characters in the Christmas nativity, as well as a center caricature that changes based on the profession selected. To complete the cartoon, a speech bubble displays quips intended to be something someone of that profession might say while talking on their cell phone at the manger. Finally, a greeting is displayed on the bottom.

Religious views aside, there are two things that could mar the user experience for Xmas Card Factory owners — Xmas Card Factory’s uncreative choice to use static cartoon drawings and the obvious lack of a female professional counterpart. First of all, by rendering the same motionless caricatures in the same position with every card, the only thing that supplies variety is the middle caricature, which changes based on profession and can be customized with a user's own photo. However, if you are a female architect, surgeon, photographer, or journalist, then the ability to insert a photo face is useless since you’ll be donning obviously male attire.

In addition to the ability to insert a photo over the center caricature face, you can also edit the text within the speech bubble and the text for the greeting. If you’re good with words and prefer to send personalized Christmas greetings to your friends and colleagues, then it would be easy enough to do with Xmas Card Factory.

The editing of text makes it easy enough to use it for any profession, but the ultimate question is whether the cards that are created reflect your personality rather than your profession. Sure, there are some features (like the photo insert and text edit) that give a limited amount of personalization, but overall, you’ll mostly feel like you’re creating the same card over and over.

With a name like Xmas Card Factory, some users might expect that the app will allow users to make hundreds of different Christmasy-themed e-cards. Actually, it seems the developers have a more traditional definition of the word "factory." In fact, using the Xmas Card Factory app will result in hundreds of mass produced greetings with just enough customization to seem personally impersonal — just about the right tone if you work in a stuffy office. Users looking to create truly personalized Christmas greetings, should look for an app with additional backgrounds and character choices.

Want to know our recommendation? Forget about using Xmas Card Factory to send e-cards. Buy it for the comedic value and read it like a comic book. Nearly everyone likes standing in the card aisle reading the semi-witty sayings plastered on cheap greeting cards. This is the best use for Xmas Card Factory.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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