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XnView Photo Fx Editor
Developer: pierre gougelet
Price: free Download on the App Store

XnView for iPhone mosaic effectOne of my New Year resolutions was to stop posting so many mundane pictures of food or weird things my daughter did during the day on various social media sites. I promised myself I would stick to it. But, since I began using the effects app XnView Photo Fx, my resolution just became a lot harder to keep.

XnView Photo Fx is a photo effects app that lets you transform your pictures into fun and unique masterpieces by adding various effects such as color changes, frames and filters. The app is a great way to add a little spice to the photos that you take on a daily basis.

The iOS App Store has more photo effects apps than we could ever imaging using, but XnView Photo Fx stacks up nicely to other similar apps. Long before "going mobile," XnView was already an award-winning freeware program for Windows/Mac/Linux.

The XnView Photo FX is the continuation of the original. The iOS app allows users to edit pictures with simple tools such as cropping, rotating, and mirroring. Or, to do more detailed edits by applying a variety of effects that adjust colors, brightness, contrast, add frames or other artistic effects. You can also post pictures directly to Facebook, Twitter, and a few other social media sites. 

One of the best features of XnView Photo Fx is the price — it is a free download on the App Store. No ads. No in-app upgrades. No registration required. Anytime you can get a quality app such as XnView Photo Fx on your iOS device for free, it is something that you should take advantage of.

As I mentioned earlier I love to use photo effects apps. I have a two-year-old daughter and I am still in the stage where I want to photograph everything she does, and show them to anyone within an arms distance. Yes, I know that can be a bit annoying, but I’m a new dad, so can you really blame me? XnView Photo Fx is a great app because it allows me to indulge my photo obsession from both the iPhone and iPad.

Two of my favorite features have been the pencil sketch and photo spreads effects on the app. The pencil sketch effect turns a photo into a drawing which adds a beautiful hand-drawn effect to your images. The other interesting effect on XnView Photo Fx, the photo spread, cuts your picture into puzzle pieces and will display your image in various little squares. All of the effects on the app are fun and easy to use as well.

XnView Photo Fx has so many effects and features to use, that I may have skipped a few, so here is a quick list of the major features the app has to offer:

  • Crop, rotate, straighten and mirror images
  • Vintage, frame texture or layer images
  • Gamma, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, exposure and color balance your pictures
  • Various color effects grayscale, sepia etc.
  • Image effects: sketch, charcoal, halftone, pointillize crystallize
  • Blur, motion blur, tilt shit, and glow images
  • Deformation such as symmetry, kaleidoscope, marble and view
  • Share on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and Vkontakte
  • Save to Photo Album or send by email

I loved using XnView Photo Fx. The only problem is now I am taking even more picture than I used to! The app is fun and exciting, and I would recommend XnView Photo Fx to anyone that loves to take or play with pictures.

Image Gallery: XnView Photo Fx Editor

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