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xpandaballsI know a game is good when I need to write a review of it and I find myself saying, “Let me just play it once more first.”  Xpandaballs is one of those addictive games.

Xpandaballs is unique.  I do not know whether to call it a puzzle game, action game or strategy game.  Essentially Xpandaballs falls into all three of those categories.

To play Xpandaballs, you try to destroy balls by hitting them with other balls.  Each ball requires a different number of hits to be destroyed.  When the ball you fired stops bouncing off the walls of the iPhone screen, it expands to fill the space where it landed.  If the ball hits the boundary line at the bottom, you lose a life.  Different colored balls have different properties; my favorites are the yellow, which can safely hit the boundary, and blue, which destroys a ball with one hit.

I like to challenge myself by playing Xpandaballs as fast as I can, making it an action game.  You can also play Xpandaballs slowly and thoughtfully, mapping out the trajectory of each ball in your head before you shoot.  Xpandaballs' ambient music peacefully accompanies the thoughtful moments, but when I am feeling like a daredevil I prefer to turn the music off.

Xpandaballs has three levels, each decidedly more difficult than the previous level, leaving room to grow your skills over time.

Depending on how you decide to play Xpandaballs, Xpandaballs can be whatever kind of game you want it to be.  Today you can play fast and furiously; tomorrow you can be meditative and pensive.  In a world with so many uncreative apps, Xpandaballs is a truly original game that is both addictive and adaptable.  Developer Craig Caldwell is onto something good with Xpandaballs.  I highly recommend Xpandaballs; it has earned a permanent spot on my iPhone.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Pat

    Actually, this is a clone, with a few variations; the "truly original" one is by Wouter Visson, I think his name is, and the name of the game is "Gimme Friction, Baby!" This is the third clone of it in the App Store, too.

    It's a great game-type, though! I had considered making a clone myself, 'cuz it's a great fit for the iPhone.

  • cooslick

    I've played this and the other two clones available and have to say this by far the best version. I might even go as far as saying its better than the original Gimme Friction Baby, and I loved that game!

    The addition of lives and different ball types sets this game apart and give it more playability.