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YAHTZEE™ Adventures
Developer: Electronic Arts Inc.
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yahtzee adventures iphone appYahtzee Adventures brings the great family game of Yahtzee to the iPhone. I have to be honest, I have never played Yahtzee before and I had no idea what I was doing on the application until I read the great help section that comes along with it.

Yahtzee is definitely more fun as a board game with friends and family around. Yahtzee Adventures introduces "battle mode" for playing with 2, 3 or 4 players.

Let's talk about the basics. This is a high-quality application with sharp graphics and plenty of features. As soon as you open Yahtzee Adventures, it asks you if you would like the music and sound fx on. Presenting this option front and center definitely added to my rating of this game.

There are three ways to play Yahtzee: you can play Adventure which has a story line to go along with it; you can get instant gratification with a regular game of Yahtzee by using the Play Now button. You can also customize your gameplay which lets you choose a game mode, the number of players, and an avatar.

Yahtzee Adventures also features an "extras" section where you can check which awards you've won, biographies you've unlocked, challenges you've completed and your performance statistics.

The options tab has music and sound FX settings with a tutorial toggle and a shake sensitivity bar. The help section provides insight into how to play the game.

Longtime fans may enjoy this version of Yahtzee made especially for iPhone and iPod touch. But the biggest negative about Yahtzee Adventures for me, is that the game was meant to play live with real dice, and "shake" and "tap" just feel like a poor substitute for the feel of actual dice. It's a boring way to play Yahtzee.

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  • Debby

    I have always loved yahtzee ever since I was a "monster". My family still play the game whenever we get together. This is so cellphone game is so fun and I love having a unique spin on the game. It has been great playing it on the bus or while I'm waiting for the bus. I just wished I could download it to my laptop. It's so fun! :O)