The Entertainment Value in Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Sunnyville is Easy to Find


yard sale iphoneMethod Solutions has partnered with Slapdash Games to release Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Sunnyville for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Already a PC game, Sunnyville is a hidden object find based on two old adages — one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and your home is your castle. The premise of the game is to create an award-winning home by decorating 8 different rooms with objects you find at neighboring yard sales.

If you’ve ever played the popular I Spy games or read the books, you’ll understand the hidden object concept that powers Yard Sale Hidden Treasures. You seek out items from a list amidst various scenes containing colorful, cluttered objects. In Sunnyville, you will search among the yards of the various characters who live there searching for specific items, some of which will help you on your mission to re-decorate your own home for the upcoming Superstar Homes magazine contest. The characters living in Sunnyville are quite varied and their humble abodes are in theme with their character. For example, R. Masters has a circus-themed home while Miss Kitty has a western ranch. The items you seek are fairly in line with their locations, such as a buffalo and toy cowboy at the ranch or a flea and a balloon at the circus.

In addition to the seek-and-find object of the game, there is an underlying task-based mini game premise as well. After completing each level, you return to your home to turn your trash into treasure by spray painting, cutting, and screwing objects together to recreate new ones. The tasks are not difficult to complete and do not really add any additional challenge, but their inclusion does provide a bit more substance. In fact, the game has enough substance to actually have a fairly good replay value for a standard seek and find by also including a tour mode you can unlock and complete all the seek-and-find levels in the fastest time.

While the targeted audience should be kids with solid reading skills, the objects presented for finding may confuse some kids. For example, a lute or balusters may not be easy to find for a kid who has no idea what to look for. Yard Sale Hidden Treasures isn’t necessarily just for kids, as I’m pretty sure if junior handed off the game to mom or dad for help, they might not get it back for awhile. The seek-and-finds on most levels are a pretty good challenge with a limited number of hints. Granted, you end up revisiting each location more than once, but the list changes and most people would be hard pressed to remember every object’s location.

The graphics in Sunnyville are colorful, imaginative, and crisp though they do blur a tiny bit when using the touch-spread function to zoom in, but it in no way compromises game play. The between level tasks back at your own house are a bit Martha Stewarty and even far-fetched, as I can’t imagine creating a flower box from an ammo crate or turning used togas into an area rug, but a few tasks might be capable of sparking HGTV-like creativity in anyone.

In the end, Yard Sale Hidden Treasure: Sunnyville has made a very solid transition from PC to the App Store and presents a unique seek-and-find challenge that is layered with whimsy and creativity. You can even try the lite version for free and play the first level to test it out

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  • Amy

    Hi, i <3 This game ! its awesome..but i cant find one item, in the ENTRYWAY? The Light fixture..that you spray paint, and put the glass in. I found it before..but forgot where it iss. Can you help ?