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Yellow Pages
Developer: Avantar LLC
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yellow pages iphone and ipod touch appWith the web-browsing abilities of the iPhone, it's generally pretty easy to find a phone number; a little Googling will usually get you what you need. That being said, Yellow Pages by Avantar conveniently makes it even easier to find whatever it is you're looking for. For example, I did a search for live music in Tulsa, OK to get the results in the screencap to the left. Handy, right?

The controls for Yellow Pages are very simple and pretty much exactly what you'd expect. You can search for a specific business, or simply, for example, search for dentists in a particular area. Yellow Pages uses your iPhone's GPS feature to help narrow search results to your current location. However, you can also easily modify your search to a different location.

The home screen for Yellow Pages features quick links at the bottom for local restaurants, doctors, auto services and pizza, with a More tab which leads to other popular searches like plumbers, banks, grocery stores, etc. Unfortunately, you can't customize the popular search links, so if you find yourself frequently needing plumbers' phone numbers, you'll still have to go through the More tab.

Once you've found a listing you need, you can call the number directly, see a map of its location, or (I thought this was a cool feature) add the listing and all the info to your iPhone contacts, eliminating the need to look that listing up in the future.

Yellow Pages does have a few downsides. It has ads, which I personally don't like. They're relatively unobtrusive, but I'd like the option to pay for the app (it's free currently) and eliminate them entirely. Also, searches tend to be rather wide — a general search for restaurants in a given city will return literally a thousand results.

Yellow Pages also occasionally acted a little buggy with me. Errors when going through pages of search results, for example. That being said, over all I think it's the sort of application which will wind up being quite useful, and as I said, it's free, so there's really nothing to lose with Yellow Pages.

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  • Robert

    I think what's important to note are the following:

    1) The app was made to help you find the nearest business to you depending on what you are searching. Pizza?, the nearest one to you shows up at the top.

    2) You can immediately call the business you just searched for

    3) You can add the contact information for that business in your Contact Book

    4) You can tap on the map and get GPS driving directions to that business from where you are

    And, your comments about your hope for no ads is not a fair one. The ads only supplement a very small portion of the actual cost to maintain it all. There is no other way to offer a free app.

  • http://link BadGirl18

    It was a money-grubbing scam then and it is one now. ,

  • Elliot

    Just for your knowledge, the app has now been updated (v. 2.3) and offers several new features, including greater stability and better search sorting and a more attractive interface.

    Even this older version out-paces its competitors, just check out the "Yelp Needs Help" article on this site.

    Really, you can't go wrong with this app. Search results tailored to your exact location, GPS directions to your destination, reviews and contact information in a single tap. The results are easier to sort than a Google search and simpler than other, similar apps. Check it out!

  • Elliot

    Oh, and Avantar is doing an Apple iPad tablet giveaway @

  • Ashli

    "Unfortunately, you can’t customize the popular search links, so if you find yourself frequently needing plumbers’ phone numbers, you’ll still have to go through the More tab."

    Did you know that you can add any listing to your phone's contacts? It's super easy and really convenient. I did it with Domino's in my phone because I'm totally addicted, and I didn't even have to type anything in, really; I just had to press the "Done" icon. Here's a link to a how-to if you're still having trouble: