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YStream - Youtube edition
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Youtube Stream

Some apps aim to do one thing well. Others aim to do many things, not quite as well. Then there’s Youtube Stream, an app that does one thing pretty well, and then countless other unexpected things you hadn’t even considered or asked for.

The previous release of Youtube Stream was plagued with bugs and glitches. Thankfully, the latest release fixes all that, and the version tested for review was fast and stable. Now that that’s out of the way, we can look at it for what it is: an app that takes a YouTube search, and then plays the results back-to-back, without pause, just like a television station.

But there’s more. Youtube Stream will also search Dailymotion or even the videos stored in the iPod app. It will also take the comments associated with the video and scroll them across the screen as it plays. You can “thumbs up” the video, or share it on Facebook or Twitter, or play along with a simulated drum or guitar in “Session” mode, or use the video as an alarm, or probably even some other features I haven’t found yet. It’s a lot to take in.

To its credit, playback in Youtube Stream is smooth. The app also has an innovative layout that allows the video to continue playing when not in full-screen mode, a feature that you won’t find in the native YouTube app that ships with the iPhone. But the app works best in full-screen mode, where you can simply start a search, sit back, and soak in the endless stream of videos until you can’t take one more hilarious cat.

The other reason you might want to leave this in full-screen: Youtube Stream is not a pretty app. The white-text-on-black scheme is a little austere, and the advertisement on the bottom of the screen can become distracting. Also, the features are not consolidated in a single list, but instead scattered all over the place-- some around the video, some at the bottom of the screen, and others in menus that disappear and reappear in a way that’s hard to keep track of.

In spite of these flaws, there are two things to keep in mind: Youtube Stream is a work in progress, and Youtube Stream is free to download. This app is recommended for any YouTube or Dailymotion fan who wants a little more than what the native app or web apps have to offer. Just keep in mind that Youtube Stream will not run smoothly on any device older than a 3GS.

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