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Developer: Viacheslav Iushchenko
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zepi dark iphoneiPhone and iPod Touch users already familiar with OstinGames’ Zepi will appreciate Zepi:Dark, which is one of two new Zepi themes just released. Granted, those with a strong aversion to the macabre or a preference for flowery things will probably prefer Zepi:Spring over Zepi:Dark, but both versions give the game a whole new look and feel. Zepi:Dark features three themes – Metal, Gothic, and Graveyard – to keep the tapping frenzy fresh. If you’re not familiar with Zepi, think BubbleWrap on steroids.

The Zepi series features sets of objects that glide on screen and are dispensed of by tapping two or more matching ones. In the case of Zepi:Dark, the objects are relative to its theme and include skulls, eyeballs, vampire teeth, and metal art. Unlike typical match-three to clear games, Zepi doesn’t require the objects to touch. You simply tap on as many of the same object as you can, clearing the way for more without letting the screen fill completely up. Keep an eye out for bonus objects that double points and remember, the more like objects you clear at once, the more points you earn. And you have to be fast or the objects will overtake your screen.

The beauty of the Zepi:Dark and the Zepi games is how quick and easy they are to pick up and play. A good game takes only minutes to play, making it ideal for a quick one-and-done while waiting for a meeting to start, your food to come, or just a moment’s boredom. Of course, it’s also entertaining enough to make you want to play “just one more.” Kids can enjoy Zepi as well.

The skins and background themes included with Zepi:Dark and Zepi:Spring make for a more visually appealing app compared to the original, but the original is more classic looking.  Zepi responds to the accelerometer function so it can be played in either orientation. The pause function is accessed with a touch and hold tap at the center of the score dial. You can also view both the local and the world score boards to find out where your high score ranks.

Zepi’s simple, fun and quick gameplay, nice fluid graphics, and solid replay value combine to deliver a great value with themes varied enough to appeal to any user. Each theme is tied nicely together right down to the sound effects. For example, in Zepi:Dark, pay attention to the Metal theme, which for some reason is spelled with two l’s, and notice that clearing a matched set results in an almost-metal guitar sound. For a $.99 value, Zepi:Dark and its colorful Spring and original counterparts make any of the three a good choice for a quick, easy game to add to your collection.

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    I downloaded this game after reading your review and I am surprised to see how entertaining a simple app can be. I guess things just seem more entertaining when you’re bored and with nothing to do, ie. sitting in a doctor’s office. Thanks for leading me to this app!