Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse in Zombie Highway Third-Person Shooter Game

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Zombie Highway
Developer: Auxbrain, Inc.
Price: free Download on the App Store

I live by the simple mantra that nothing is certain in life except death, taxes and the zombie apocalypse. I admit that I may be exaggerating a bit about the certainty of the of zombie apocalypse, but if it does happen I want to be prepared. That is why the action packed, third person shooter game Zombie Hwy is an iOS app I have not been able to put down.

Zombie Hwy is a shooter/car-chase game where you must avoid crashing into abandoned cars as you drive down an empty highway while being chased by flesh eating zombies that want to flip over your car (and eat your brain).

The Zombie Hwy app has eight different levels ranging from 'classic: endless fun' to the a little more intense than you thought it would be 'swamped: good luck'. Each level has three different medals that you are awarded based on the distance that you travel: Silver, Gold and Platinum. You can also unlock various weapons and vehicles after completing certain tasks, such as driving a set number of miles or killing a certain number of zombies.

The Zombie Hwy app is integrated with Facebook and the iOS game center so you can easily compare scores with your friends and find a little incentive to keep fighting off those zombies (as if staying alive weren’t enough).

Zombie Highway Gameplay

Zombie Hwy is a game that both avid gamers and novice users can enjoy and master. The controls are simple to use, the car drives forward by itself and all you must do is control it by moving your device left to right. Shooting the zombies is also very straight forward process, as there are four red circles around your car and all you have to do is tap them to shoot. I have never been much of a gamer, and was able to figure out how to use Zombie Hwy without any issues.

Age Recommendations: The suggested age mentioned by the developers is 12+, and even though the game is about shooting zombies it is not very graphic or gory. My nine year old nephew has played the game and we have not had any issues with him being scared or disturb by it. Zombie Hwy is tame in comparison to other zombie games that most consoles carry.

Zombie Highway: iPhone vs iPad

Zombie Hwy can be downloaded on both the iPad and iPhone/iTouch devices. While the game plays fine on the smaller iOS devices, you will not really experience the joys of this game until you play it on a larger screen. The game looks fantastic on the iPad, and is easier to use with such a larger screen. The graphics enrich the experience and running from flesh hungry zombies becomes an apocalyptic joy on the device.

Zombie Hwy is one of those games, not unlike Pac-Man or Galaga, that take a minute to learn but provide endless hours of fun. Once you get started shooting zombies and avoiding abandoned cars the game is hard to put down. I have a nine and eleven year old niece and nephew that have been raised in a PlayStation and X-box household, who are addicted to the game.  Children are the litmus test for me, and if a $0.99 app can be more compelling to a child than a $50.00 designer game is, than I am sold. Zombie Hwy is an easy and wildly entertaining iOS app with limitless game play.

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