Zombie: The Rescue Makes Delicious Brain Suey of Unsuspecting Hostages

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Rescue the hostages, save the world. Or at least the hostages. Zombie: The Rescue is an action puzzle that gives you a third-person view of the playing field, which is laced with zombies hungry for brains. I'm still intrigued about how many games there are within this genre. Even more surprising is how games such as this one still continue to entertain me.

The game comes packed with 60 stages with varying degrees of difficulty. Everything from one zombie and one wall to multiple zombies and multiple walls to hide behind, overcome and get out of safely. The point of the game is to guide the hostage savior around the room collecting cash and hysterical hostages who, with one peep, are about to be made into brain suey. 

It's up to you to sneak past the zombies by hiding behind walls or creeping behind the blood thirsty monsters while their back is turned. Zombie: The Rescue employs a "if they can't see you, you can't see them" gaming mechanic. This actually adds a bit of tension and excitement to gameplay as you don't know just how close you can get to the corner of the wall before you hear "Brains! It's what's for dinner!" and then it's lights out.

I really enjoyed the birds-eye view of the gaming area. It gave me a clear view of where the hostages and zombies were located and allowed me to time my rescue in complete stealth mode. To get the most points, it's super important to plot the proper line. Go too long and you might run out of time or finish with not much time left. If this happens, your score is dramatically decreased. On the flip side, the shortest line allows you to finish with more time and therefore more points. Cut it too close and the zombies will make sure your day is a no brainer.

The controls are straightforward. Draw a line from where you are to where you want to go. Watch out for corners and tight spots as they seem to get in the way and knock your character off his path and sometimes stops him in his tracks. This is bad when a zombie is chasing you. Really bad.

Zombie: The Rescue offers just the right amount of new gameplay for an old genre to make the game an easy recommendation, especially at $.99 and packed full of levels.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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