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Zoom Zoom
Developer: DAVA Consulting, LLC
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Zoom Zoom is one of the stranger offerings to come from the App Store. You will probably either love it or hate it. Those who left comments on the DAVA Consulting app's iTunes page either lauded it for its ingenuity or wondered why time was wasted on its development. The reason? You do not control Zoom Zoom with the touch screen or accelerometer — but with your mouth. (As you can see from the video, just about anybody can play).

Zoom Zoom is not through voice commands either, but by being as loud as you can be with car noises. Yes, it is back to preschool where we make sounds to match objects. The louder you "mmmmmmm" and zooooooooommmmm!!!!!" the faster the car goes. Is it unique? Yes. However, whether you enjoy the game is entirely a matter of preference.

There are few drawbacks. Zoom Zoom can be awkward to get the hang of — there's nothing quite like peering to see the screen because you're trying to keep your mouth up close to the microphone. If you feel uncomfortable making noises to power the car, I found that blowing onto the microphone works just as well. (But maybe I was supposed to save this for Zoom Zoom: Sailing Edition.)

There are many things that really do work well in Zoom Zoom. The graphics are quite good (complete with cows hanging out at the race track). Zoom Zoom has a nice assortment of gameplay options.

Players can race individually and post a score to the scoreboards or compete online against fellow blowhards. The online gameplay was very smooth with little lag — when I was able to find others who were in the queue for a game.

There was also a solid integration with online scoreboards. The player's score can be posted and compared to others who are playing all around the world. You have the option of viewing leaders as well as which countries have the best performance — for some reason, Belarus has this game down.

If Zoom Zoom sounds zany enough for you, then go for it. Just don't plan on playing it in public unless you are ready for some really strange looks.

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