ZooZbeat Music Synth Builds Beats, Tones Biceps

ZOOZbeat (AppStore Link)
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Developer: ZooZ Mobile, Inc.
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ZoozBeat app for iPhoneThe ZooZBeat synthesizer has been developed to bring out the little drummer boy in everyday iPhone users. By violently swinging their beloved, expensive and fragile device around like a drumstick, users can produce synth sounds from a variety of instruments.

Also, for those looking for a little portable Pavarotti production, ZooZBeat supports voice recording.

It offers up a very simple touch interface and overall is a great foundation of an app, with plenty of room for improvement. If you're not the type to flail your arms around in public, the app can also be controlled by touch.

Unfortunately, the accelerometer-based controls, which suffer from huge lag, coupled with the absence of any sort of quantizing system sends this one to the reworking bin for now.

A free version is also offered, without voice recording, saving and loading, and with fewer instruments to choose from, but I suggest waiting for some updatesand going for the premium edition.

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