6 Pack Promise – The Portable Abdominal Workout

If you’re interested in fitness and nutrition, and more specifically building up six pack abs, then Sports Performance Factory has recently released Jeff Cavaliere’s 6 Pack Promise for iPhone. Based on Cavaliere’s (celebrity pro-athlete trainer) workout system that uses a combination of short, intense abdominal exercises based on the fitness science of muscle confusion, the 6 Pack Promise packs a workout plan into your iPhone, complete with video demonstrations and meal suggestions. 6 Pack Promise features over 100 different abdominal exercises, each with a video demonstrating proper form and grouped together based on “ability level” from basic to Xtreme.
Exercises included in the 6 Pack Promise are grouped together to form intense abdominal workouts lasting on average between 5 and 6 minutes. The given exercises are expertly demonstrated in the form of brief video clips that can be viewed by tapping the “sample video” button beside each populated exercise. Users can follow the plan by participating on a daily basis or generate a shuffled workout at random. The premise of the total workout is to incorporate several different 30 to 60-second exercises that work a different core group of abdominal muscles.
Regardless of ability level, the exercises included are chosen specifically for abdominal workout and while there’s little room for doubt that they would produce results if regularly performed, there is a disclaimer somewhere in the app that the “promise” applies only if you are already at a fairly healthy BMI. In other words, no false promises of dropping 2 waist sizes in a week. Instead, 6 Pack Promise is merely a collection of exercises created or endorsed by a professional trainer, lumped together into a suggested workout routine intended to produce the most effective results possible based on effort and dedication.
Users of 6 Pack Promise are given the ability to set up their workout, select music from their library to accompany them and then start their workout, which is voice guided and timed. Some of the exercises require equipment that may not be available, but any necessary equipment, such as resistance bands or chin up bar, are voiced at the beginning of the workout. You can return to the menu and shuffle a workout if you don’t have the equipment, but there’s no way to filter exercises. To be productive, it is necessary to become familiar with the app in general, but it isn’t necessary to familiarize one’s self with each exercise because the sample video option is available at the start of each exercise and viewing will pause the workout timer. To resume, simply press the giant play button that pops up when the app is paused.
In addition to providing a good way to create an abdominal workout routine, 6 Pack Promise also has the benefit of providing suggested healthy meal plans and weekly grocery lists. The nice thing about the meal plans is it features basic foods that the average person can find and fix, but still focuses on incorporating the right amounts of fruits, vegetables, proteins and low-fat dairy and grain options. There is also a progress chart that tracks completed workouts.
6 Pack Promise is definitely not a feminized app in any way, but either sex could use it. There may be exceptions to some of the exercises, which would require adaptation for those with less than adequate upper body strength and unfortunately, those adaptations aren’t provided. Nonetheless, the audience for regular use of this app is likely to have some existing fitness experience and knowledge to begin with. While the app is intended to provide structure to a regular abdominal workout routine, because it’s free, anyone with an interest in learning a few good abdominal exercises can benefit. But be warned, as indicated by the Marine Corps turned fitness mantra about pain being weakness leaving the body, beginners will certainly be saying farewell to a great deal of weakness if they follow these workouts for more than a day.