A Free Level

I don’t know how many times I’ve needed a level and haven’t had one on hand. It is one of those thing that is usually too big for the toolbox so I don’t often considering buying one. I’m usually ask friends if I can borrow theirs.
A Free Level is a great app to know is out there for download but I ‘m not sure I would keep it installed on my iPhone considering that my phone only has 8gb of free space.
It works pretty well; I tested it when I need to make sure my road bike’s handlebars were level. Just sit the balance on the bars just like a regular level. I’m sure this would work well in most situations in which you need a level. It even makes sounds so you can tell if “the bubble” is in the level zone without looking.
It seems you can hold the iPhone flat on its back, or up on its edge, and the level will still take an accurate reading.
A couple of problems I foresee with this app is that often times when a person needs a level they are in a “construction environment” where the area is really dirty. I wouldn’t want to expose my expensive little phone to construction debris, dust or the possibility that it would fall if I have to balance it precariously on some edge or picture frame without keeping a hand on it.
Overall, great application!

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