A Special Phone to Shake and Dial

A Special Phone was developed for people who are visually impaired or are unable to look at their phones, like when they are driving. A Special Phone, developed by Muhieddine EL Kaissi, uses a combination of audio, visual and tactile feedback to simplify dialing your iPhone.
Once you’ve set up A Special Phone, all you have to do is shake the phone to dial. Shake once, for Bob, shake twice for Mary and so on. You can configure the app to shake and dial up to six numbers.
Setting up A Special Phone is simple and the app works as described in the application description in the App Store.
If you are blind or visually impaired, no doubt you will need help with set up. The first time you launch A Special Phone, tap the Info button in the lower right corner, and you’ll go to the Shake Settings screen where you’ll see six large buttons, labeled Shake 1, Shake 2 and so on.
Tap the Shake 1 icon to pop up your contacts list. Choose a contact, and go back to the Shake Settings screen. To configure the call settings for Shake 1, hold down the assigned box, which will now be labeled with the first name of your contact. From there, you’ll go to the Contact Settings screen. If your contact has more than one phone number, tap the one you prefer. Next, voice record the contact’s name. Tap save.
When you launch A Special Phone, if you have your iPhone set to vibrate in Settings, it will vibrate and you’ll hear an audio alert that says something to the effect of “Get ready!” I’m not entirely sure because the audio is garbled.
Now, give the phone a shake and the device will announce the caller’s name and dial the phone. That’s the essence of it.
In addition to someone who might have difficulty seeing, an elderly person or someone with “cellphonbia,” who dislikes fussy technology, would find A Special Phone useful. The developer suggests placing the app icon in an easy to find spot, without having to look for it, like the corner of the iPhone’s Home Screen.
Overall, A Special Phone is a functional app. It could be improved with better audio. The name is a little odd: It really doesn’t describe what this app does.