Absolute Instant is the World’s First Teleport Shooter for iPhone

Boy meets girl, girl eats fruit, Celestians create an empire, take over the world with their mystical forces and oppress the children of Terrestrians for centuries. We’ve all heard this story before, right?
Designed to exploit the interactive controls of the iPhone, Absolute Instant is an excellent app that should pique the interest of both hardcore and casual gamers. It almost seems as if it’s an ode to “Kid Icarus” mixed in with a bit of the “1942″ plane shooter classic. Of course, touching the screen back in the day only gave you smudges on the arcade glass, but now it teleports you out of danger.
The story follows closely to the beginning of man where Adam and Eve have a bit of conflict over the golden apple and Eve, full of greed after opening Pandora’s box, boots Adam out of Eden.
Eve starts an empire made up of Celestians, who have mystical forces. Adam starts his own empire made up of Terrestrians who, unfortunately, have no technological advantage to match against the Celeestians’ supernatural uprising.
After much research and centuries of the above mentioned oppression, the Adam’s clan discovers a breakthrough technology “Absolute Instant” or A.I. for short. This revolution brings about the ability to teleport oneself from one spot to another, finally giving the Terrestians a technological advantage over the Celestians.
With Absolute Instant in his arsenal, Adam vows to to fight back and equips an elite squad of A.I. Riders to end the war by destroying the origins of all things—the golden apple.
This is where you come in. After a short pre-story, you start the game as one of the A.I. Riders, but before you jump into the game, be sure to check out the tutorial that goes over user controls. The controls are very simple such as dragging your finger to move your ship and shaking the phone to activate a screen-cleaning bomb.
The real treat is the teleporting option, which is activated by touching the upper left teleporting meter. Your player will disappear and then once you tap the screen in a different area it will reappear in the selected area. This is great for getting out of tight spots, but be forewarned that not all enemies can be avoided.
Absolute Instant is an epic shooter that combines flying jets and apocalyptic creatures with a twist of teleporting yourself out of danger. Yes, teleporting. This app is an excellent addition to the iOS gaming platform for those who enjoy a good story, great action and even better weapons.