ACTPrinter Virtual Paper: A Must-Have For Every iPhone With a Mac

Have you ever had a document on your computer that you wanted to take with you but didn’t want to waste paper or printer ink on? What did you do? If you had the ACTPrinter Virtual Paper app for your iPhone or iPod touch, you sent the document from your Mac to your phone and you were on your way.
ACTPrinter app by Houdah Software is one of the most useful apps I’ve ever downloaded to my iPhone. I’m constantly in a state of needing a document for a short period of time. Things such as a boarding pass, emails, recipes, item numbers, descriptions, name of a contact person, you get the idea. Anytime I’ve ever found myself with the dilemma of needing to have a document with me and not wanting to kill trees, problem solved.
The ACTPrinter is simple to use, but comes with one caveat, you must have a Mac with an Airport card utilizing OS X Tiger or Leopard. Sorry, it won’t work with your PC.
Once you’ve downloaded the ACTPrinter app you’ll need to visit the Houdah Website and download ACTPrinter Mac to your computer. Follow a few quick instructions and you’re set. The app installs itself as a PDF service and makes itself available from your print menu.
As soon as you have the document that you wish to print choose the print tab from the file menu. Next you’ll go to the PDF menu and select Print to iPhone. The ACTPrinter Mac menu will pop up and you’re almost done. It will prompt you to make sure that your computer and phone are sharing the same Wi-Fi, open the ACTPrinter app on your iPhone, and select your device. Select the okay button and there you have it. Your document is now on your iPhone. It’s that easy!
I love ACTPrinter and at under a buck it’s a steal. Use it one time and you’re already ahead of the game from the cost you’ll save on paper and ink alone. Not to mention the benefits to the environment.
The ACTPrinter app should be standard on your iPhone some of you will find yourself using at least a couple of times a week.