Aero Weather APP Is A Must For Pilots

Aero Weather APP

If you are a pilot, the Aero Weather App is pretty awesome. I usually fly from Novato California to Tahoe, Las Vegas or Santa Monica. Aero weather gives me a quick glimpse of the weather situation at these airports. Aero Weather lets me plan an approximate departure time to avoid bad weather. It also lets me decide when to depart Tahoe since the SF Bay Area always has morning fog that lifts between 10 am to noon.

A Couple Of Improvements I So Humbly Suggest:

1. Two of the critical piece of information displayed greyed out 8 points or smaller types, namely the visibility and the cloud cover. These should be in the same typeface and intensity as the winds. I hate that programmers are all under 30 and have good eyesight.
2. The temperature dew point is important information for a pilot. It is missing from the main screen. It would be easy to display as 12/-3 C on the main page.
3. I like the green VFR, MVFR indicators but they should be larger. These are really fluff but good fluff.
4. For “Nearby Stations” I expected I’d be able to check the weather at nearby airports; instead this function adds these airports to my main display list. I just want to see the weather at these airports on a selective, one-time basis.
Overall Aero Weather is a great tool. I love it.