All-In Pedometer a Great Fitness Aide

All-In Pedometer is a comprehensive exercise app that is a great companion for tracking workout statistics.
The pedometer functions really well and gives a pretty accurate readout when it is placed in a pocket. The best feature is that the screen can be locked from within All-In Pedometer so you don’t have to worry about your pocket closing the app or dialing a friend. Unfortunately unlocking the screen is not as smooth as the main iPhone screen – it takes a delicate touch to slide the bar open.
The meter menu contains the ongoing count of steps with distance, calories burned, time and speed information. You can even set a specific goal just for one workout.
Another ambitious feature is the inclusion of music playing right from within All-In Pedometer. You can import songs and create playlists to listen to while working out. However, the playlists do not yet make use of iOS4’s multitasking capabilities; when the app is closed the music stops. An inclusion of multitasking would allow for more flexibility to work in other apps while keeping track of steps.
If the pedometer does not seem to be accurately measure your steps then try the calibration feature which allows for adjusting the sensitivity.
While the pedometer dominates the feature set, there are plenty of other options that make All-In Pedometer ideal for managing one’s workout regimen and goal setting. For example the “Body” tab can be used for tracking changes to the chest, waist, hips, and weight. These statistics can all be tracked over time.
The history tab brings up data about the past workouts. All-In Pedometer also includes some pretty comprehensive weight loss advice, workout tips and a user manual for dissecting all of All-In Pedometer’s features.
There is a sharing feature spread throughout All-In Pedometer so it is easy to send out accomplishments through Twitter, Facebook or by email. With all the features you may find yourself wanting to share with friends how ripped you have become.