Whilst bridging the gap between the NFT and the real world, Alpha Girl Club NFT is the next big thing at present. Well, now the question that arises is whether you would want to be a beacon of light for people struggling with themselves? Confused? Okay, let us elucidate. Believe me or not, subconsciously all of us are dealing with our inner fears, conscience, and real-world problems. Now is the time to put your head high, and stand up united for social changes. 

Read this article to know more about Alpha Girl Clubs mission, vision, storyline, rewards and reveals, and much more! By the end, if you find yourself connected to the project, you are welcome to join the Alpha Girl Club NFT community. We shall also take you through their sales statistics and price prediction. 

Overview Of Alpha Girl Club NFT

Total Items 9.9K
Owners 5.1K
Alpha Girl Club NFT Mint Price 0.08 ETH
Alpha Girl Club NFT Floor Price 0.43 ETH
Volume Traded 2.7K

An Inner Victory With Alpha Girl Club NFTs


Alpha Girl Club NFT is undoubtedly an empowering project. It conveys untold stories, concealed emotions, and hidden voices. 

A quick fast forward, and you land up in the Metaverse, and guess what? You are now in the future, Year 3000. Baku, who belongs to the demonic world, is luring the innocent minds of Alpha Girls and building her strength. Alpha Girl Club NFT needs your help as they want to save mankind from Earth and Metaverse. Do you commit yourself to retain the inner Alpha for as long as this continues, maybe perpetually?

10,000 Alpha Girls as NFTs embark on their journey towards self-discovery. Born as half-human and half-Alpha, they are oblivious to their bloodline. As they navigate through this journey, they are destined to uncover an overwhelming boost to their knowledge. This shall serve as the key to finding her true self. 

You might as well want to check out their Alpha Girls collection, a unique concept with eye-catching illustrations. As they present this hand-illustrated art via the Alpha Girl Club Twitter page, they open up the doors for each one of us to embrace ourselves. Who wouldn’t want to wake up every day to something that says “You are beautiful”? 

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Alpha Tokyo & VIP Pass: Lift Your Spirits Up! 

Overview Of Alpha Girl Club NFT
Source: alphagirlclub.io

To cheer you up, Project Alpha Girl Club NFT brings tons of utility to its community. 

Alpha Tokyo! Yes, you read it right. If you are the lucky ones, you might get an opportunity to be a part of their journey to Tokyo. From getting to know their culture, to claiming your humanitarian badge of honour, do not forget to carry your inner Alpha while packing your bags. 

Virtual is fun, but the reality is real. You will also get exclusive access to artist collectibles, events, IRL experiences, all in the physical world. There is also an Alpha Girl Club VIP Pass that will be airdropped to the Alpha holders. This will serve as early access to IRL drops. Besides, you can also enjoy being a part of a private discord group, and whitelist for any future drops. 

Finally, unveiling the must-have Alpha Mental Health App. During these tumultuous times, we often shun our own mental well-being, but it seems like Alpha Girl Club NFT will take good care of our inner Alphas. If you are an AGC holder, you can avail the benefits of their highest subscription plan. 

Alpha Girl Club NFT Road Map: Peep Into Project’s Future 

Since you trust the project, you definitely should know the fate of it. 

Alpha Girl Club NFT Roadmap 1.0 is divided into five phases. They have a discord channel to welcome the community. Early adopters were also given an Alpha pass, and post that, they launched their mint. They also have Alpha tools that include wallpapers, poster export, and much more. And lastly, do not miss out on IRL airdrop. 

Roadmap 1.1 is again divided into five phases. There will be an Alpha marketplace, an online store with premium merch and collectables. A surprise evolution of Alpha will also happen during her quest for Baku. Many more trips, the launch of a mobile app, and you can also vote on their future developments. 

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Alpha Girl Club NFT Sales And Price Statistics & Predictions  

The Alpha Girl Club NFT presale and public sale took place on 4th and 5th December respectively. As per the sales statistics, the sales were quite low in the month of December, however, from January the project has taken a big leap. On January 16, Alpha Girl Club NFT witnessed the maximum number of sales. As of January 21, the sales are relatively lower than January 16, yet higher than the other days. Alpha Girl Club NFT price prediction can be made on the basis of the statistics that currently the sales have been surging. This would mean that the price might increase as demand increases. 

As per raritysniffer.com, Alpha Girl Club NFT rarity score is 29581.88 which is the highest amongst their NFT collection as of January 21. With unique colours, traits, and themes, Alpha Girl Club rarity is quite promising. 

How To Buy Alpha Girl Club NFT?

How To Buy Alpha Girl Club NFT

Source: alphagirlclub.io

  1. Go to their official website alphagirlclub.io 
  2. Currently, their whitelisting and public sales are over. 
  3. However, all you have to do is connect your wallet and then mint. 
  4. You can now buy and sell Alpha Girls by going to the Alpha Girl Club OpenSea page. 

Opensea official page: https://opensea.io/collection/alphagirlclub


Project Alpha Girl Club NFTs extends beyond a typical NFT project owing to its motive towards improving mental health as well as other social issues. Alpha Girls are here to stand out, you must too! This time, it is a battle with our own self as well as society. But this time, you aren’t alone.

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