Alphabetic Puzzles and Challenges

Alphabetic is a game that is all about hand and eye coordination. Tap the letters of the alphabet in sequence. Start with A and try to get to Z before time runs out. For every letter you find correctly you’ll get three seconds. The faster you find letters the more points you’ll earn. Three seconds or less gets you a quick find bonus. Find one in less than a second, it’s a blitz bonus for even more points. Chain them together and you’ve earned even more points. There 26 trophies awarded to top scorers. They range from fast fingers to perfection.
Alphabetic has a rich colorful visual interface. The graphics are well done and letters are easy to discern, even with all of the many random letter configurations floating around the screen. There isn’t any music but the sounds are alright. The most helpful part of Alphabetic is the score chart at the end. Since this game is about speed and accuracy, the best way to improve your score is to understand your accuracy. Alphabetic gives you a percentage, average time per letter and more.
Alphabetic, is a good game and it’s challenging. Users have the option of choosing Quick Play where they must complete the levels of the game one by one. Doing so nets you a different trophy each time. Users can also play in Challenge Mode which requires completing a specific task. For instance, the reverse challenge has users start with Z and work their way back to A. Again, it’s about speed and accuracy so it’s no walk in the park.
Overall, Alphabetic is reasonably difficult and worth its cost. It isn’t without fault though. The accuracy ratings aren’t as accurate as they could be because of the hair-pin proximity that some of the letters have. Gameplay is limited to the speed of Alphabetic not your fingers. This means that if you see several letters in a level you can only hit them one at a time. A character or two might spruce up the game a little bit but doesn’t necessarily detract from the gaming experience.