If you’re anything like me, math was never your strong suit growing up. Sure, I can do all the basics, but there’s a reason I write and am not behind the bank counter. However, not all is lost as aMathing Numbers: a brain training math puzzle game promises to train your brain through math puzzles. I love their description, “easy to play, but hard to master.” If you’re up for a challenge then this game will help kickstart your mathematic synapsis back into full-fledged arithmetic machines again.

Once you launch aMathing Numbers you have a few options, the first being jumping into the “play” section where the object is to arrange tiles on the board to make equalities. Yes, equalities. A word I’m sure you haven’t heard since high school.
Moving tiles is easy and can be done by tapping a tile you want to move and then taping the tile where you want to move it to. They call it the “exchange.” If you’re unsure, you can watch their in-app video tutorials. To win this mode, you must make a predetermined amount of equalities to advance.

Remember that the game is a puzzle too, so there are secret moves that will get you to your finish line faster. One of the secret movements is the “flip.” It’s not for the faint of heart and if your math skills are lacking, you’ll discover that using it is difficult. However, it’s not rocket science, it’s just a way to flip equality in the opposite direction so that it makes a proper equation. There are other features such as the wildcard, which allows you to change the tile to a different number or mathematical sign such as -, +, etc.

In addition to aMathing Numbers’ main game, there are mini puzzles that really start to mess with your brain while trying to test your math skills. While I found them to be very difficult, I’m sure some will find them easily. But again, that’s why I’m a writer. The puzzle names start out with Newton (“the greatest and most influential scientist who ever lived” according to most scholars; Fermat, an amateur mathematician who is given credit for early developments that led to infinitesimal calculus; and Einstein, yes, the guy with the crazy white hair.
Overall, if you’re looking to exercise your cerebral muscles, aMathing Numbers: a brain training math puzzle game is sure to do that and then some. But watch out as you find yourself walking around dropping mathematical knowledge in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice … “get down, 2 + 2 – 2 = 2.”

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