An Unofficial Guide To Disneyland Paris is Officially Magical

Two of my best childhood memories include driving down the Pacific Coast from Washington State to California to embark on a magical discovery. Every bit as enchanting as I’d hoped, Disneyland was absolutely amazing—except for the seond time when we went on New Years Eve expecting the place to be vacant. (I believe it’s actually the busiest day of the year.) To be honest, it was still fun and we had front row seats to an excellent celebration.
If you’re a Disney fan and want to venture beyond the states into Paris, you can avoid such surprises with the An Unofficial Guide To Disneyland Paris app. It has all the details you’ll ever need and then some.
The best thing about this app being unofficial is that it was written by a “mom who spent the past few years virtually camping out at Disneyland Paris.” I’ll take a firsthand account from a mom any day over Frommer’s as moms don’t experience travel from a free-willing tourist point of view, rather from the perspective of a person who has to keep her kids, significant other as well as themselves happy. It’s the trifecta of fun!
Broken into categories, An Unofficial Guide To Disneyland Paris dives deeper than the average travel guide: who should go, when you should go, where you should stay, how you should get there, expectations and why you should go. One of the best tips in there is found in the why you should go category—sleep. Not for you, but for your kids. The mom points out that letting the “Magic of Disney” wear your kids out is priceless. For anyone who has kids or who has babysat a sleep tyrant, you know that this Mother knows best.
Another great feature of An Unofficial Guide To Disneyland Paris is its age-based itineraries, which include schedules for gradeschoolers, preschoolers and toddlers.
A great dining tip from Mom is “DO NOT make the mistake of stopping for breakfast” as you’ll be unpleasantly surprised at how many people are already in the park due to staying in the hotels inside the complex. Instead, eat bagels on they way to your first destination.
The plethora of tips for surviving, navigating and mapping out your family’s experience at Disneyland Paris is well worth the price tag of the app. An Unofficial Guide To Disneyland Paris app pretty much guarantees peace of mind and a good night’s sleep for the little ones, two ingredients of a magical vacation.