Space, the final frontier… Alright, I might be mixing genres up, but Angry Birds Space is now No. 1 in 99 countries and it’s a force to be reckoned with. I also believe that even if this was the first Angry Birds title ever that it would still be the top spot. It’s just that good.
Just think about it for a minute. What if up until a few weeks ago there was no Angry Birds game on the App Store? What if we had never been introduced to those little piggies? What if? First off, I think it would be a cold, dark world that when we walked around we’d always feel an empty space in the pit of our gut. Luckily, this isn’t the case. And even more fortuitous, we now not only have a slue of birdies to throw around, but we also have gravity, planets, and the vastness that is space to deal with.

While Angry Birds Space has the same goal as far as “sling bird at the pig,” where it differs is how that bird gets to its final destination. Gravity is the new kid on the block and it will bend, bounce, curve, fling, and basically be your best friend or worst enemy. This makes it imperative to learn the way of gravity. And learning is half the battle as throughout the levels the difficulty progresses just like the original and soon you’ll be battling two opposing gravity forces so sliding your bird in just right with the correct amount of speed and force is a must.
And there are new birds, including the Lazer bird. It’s such a nice addition and adds a secondary bit of interactivity in the form of having to tap again to set the reticule on your destination of destruction.

To start, there are 60 levels of angry goodness. For those who don’t want to wait for the regular updates that the title is known for, they can purchase the Danger Zone, which unlocks 30 additional and way too difficult levels.
Angry Birds Space definitely is not just an update and shouldn’t be treated as one. It is a full-fledged gaming app that ups the ante yet again and provides hours of addictive fun. Newcomers to the franchise (if there are any left) as well as veterans alike will enjoy the new levels, new story, new birds, and newly added gravitational pull. I highly recommend purchasing this app as Rovio has come through in a big way.

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