Animalz Gets Applauze for Solid Puzzle Game

Animalz – Though collapse-style puzzle games like this one are a dime a dozen, there are a few classics that might stand out in your mind. PurpleZoo Productions’ Animalz may not be an instant classic, but it stands a good chance of being a favorite app for those who love this type of puzzle game. Animalz is a game similar to reMovem but with more pizazz.
Animalz features the standard grid of different colored objects, in this case balls, that you remove by tapping. Your goal is not to clear the board, but to reach the target number of “pops” per level. The catch is you only have so many touches available.
There are a few twists in Animalz that keep it interesting. As with similar games, your score increases when you have multiple balls of one color touching each other when you pop them. But unlike many similar games, you can choose to pop only one at a time. This allows you to set up the board to maximize your next move — careful choosing is the key to meeting your target before you run out of pops.
The best feature in Animalz is the animals themselves. A few random spots on the grid are filled with various animals instead of balls. Tapping on an animal makes the surrounding balls rotate clockwise. In the harder levels, utilizing the animal buttons is key to reaching your target. Tapping the animals doesn’t count against your pop quota and if you line up two animals of the same type, you also gain an extra “pop.”
Sound effects are minimum and familiar with a very catchy tune built in. Fortunately, you can turn the catchy tune down in the “settings” menu if it starts to annoy you. The whimsical graphics are appealing and the game includes a meter showing your progress in terms of balls popped versus pops remaining. It also provides you with the average number of balls you must pop per touch to clear each level. Though the auto save feature is nice, one feature I wish it had is to start each new level on the same screen you finished the previous level with.
Overall, Animalz has good entertainment value and presents itself as a solid puzzle game that makes sense.