Animation Desk Unlocks Creative Potential in Aspiring Animators

There is a reason Animation Desk was recognized as one of the best in the Entertainment Category of App Store Rewind 2011. It’s an incredible app. And now there’s even more to celebrate with recent updates such as adding one or more audio files to the animation creation process.
One of the original reasons why I always liked Animation Desk is that you didn’t have to be a professional with years of experience or have a degree in design to fully realize the potential of your creativity. The app was created with the beginner in mind so that they’d be making hand-drawn animations in no time.
The update keeps all of what was good and adds even more goodness like the audio mentioned above as well improving the Stamp Tool to make using elements from existing frames a lot easier. The tool also includes the ability to change the orientation. This is all very handy for reusing elements such as mouth, hands, teeth, etc. Bottom line, it makes animating more efficient as you don’t have to redraw your most used elements over and over again.
There is also a new built-in PDF viewer for easy access and management of your previously exported animations. This is extremely helpful for those that use the app a lot and have quite the library. One more addition is the ability to upload your animations to Youku. Of course, you can also share your works with friends on Facebook, upload animations to YouTube and transfer animations between different Apple devices. And you can send E-cards as email attachments to your friends. Best gift ever.
Animation Desk is a friendly drawing environment that everyone can enjoy creating their own animated works. It provides an easily navigated and intuitive interface, which makes selecting tools, brushes and more simple and easy. As one would expect, you can select different layers, including foreground and middle ground as well a choose a dynamic or static background image. This is useful incase you’d like to bring in an image from your personal photo library.
The stamp tool is one of the most useful pieces within the app and allows you to add shapes, insert pictures or copy and paste selected area on a frame. Beyond the tools, the app makes it a breeze to cruise through your files in its easily viewable thumbnail mode. Overall, Animation Desk is a must-have app if you enjoy creating hand-drawn animations.