ABSmatic 1.1 for iOS: Add Six-Pack Abs to Any Male or Female Photo

Appdicted today is pleased to introduce ABSmatic 1.1 for iOS, their photo-retouching app that is absolutely guaranteed to create sculpted, sexy, six-pack abs without a single sit-up or any other exercise. Users simply shoot a frontal photo or open a previously taken photograph revealing the subject’s bare midriff, and then choose from one of 36 different kinds of abdominal muscles, which blends into the photo and appears completely realistic. Users can easily control the placement, size, opacity, mirroring, brightness, and contrast of the muscles, creating natural-looking definition. Completed photos can be saved to the Photo Library, printed, shared by email, or posted to Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter.
Creating impressive looking abs, even under clothing, is easy with ABSmatic. Working in landscape orientation on the iPad or portrait orientation on the iPhone, the first step is choosing a photo. The user can shoot a live photo from within the app for retouching, open a previously saved pictured from the Photo Library, or practice on one of the included Sample photos. The second step is selecting from among the various abs available – 15 different styles for men and 21 for women. Scrolling down the right side of the screen, each group of abdominals is highly detailed with shadowing that brings out the muscle definition. Most include a small, round dark spot for the navel, which serves to help align the overlay.
Third, the user places the muscle overlay over the photo, positioning and sizing it to fit. This can be done quickly, with drag to position and pinch to expand or contract. The real magic happens in the fourth and last step, blending the abs into the picture perfectly using the opacity tool. Opacity of the muscles can be controlled from 0 to 100%, allowing completely undetectable retouching. Brightness and Contrast controls are also available to compensate for lighting conditions, natural shadows, exposure, skin-tone, etc. The app also offers an eraser tool, so you can erase parts of the abs that overlap clothing. Users can have the abs disappear under a shirt and/or pants. Having achieved the perfect effect, the user can save the retouched photo to the Photo Library, print it, or access the app’s integrated, social network connectivity to share their work on Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter, or directly by email.
Feature Highlights:
– Over 35 different Male and Female ABS
– Fine Tuning Tools, Eraser, Opacity, Reset and Flip
– Social integration with Facebook, Twitter and Email
– Optimized for Retina display devices
– Universal iOS App (iPhone/iPad)
“Appdicted has perfected the process of adding convincing details to photos with their best-selling iOS apps, Hairstyle Salon and Tatoo You,” stated CEO Rory Boyer. “And now, not even photo experts will question the six-pack abs you create in ABSmatic.”
ABSmatic 1.1 is $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment category. Review copies are available on request.