All-New Free and Updated Paid iOS and Android Version of Mooniz Launched

After 14 months of development, Mooniz Interactive announced the launch of all-new and exciting freemium version as well as an updated paid version of their interesting game Mooniz. After 3 years in the making, the free and paid Android versions of the app are also available now.
The updated paid version of Mooniz also universal; compatible with both the iPad and the iPhone and it also has Facebook leaderboards. It boasts super power ups including point multipliers, first aid kits, nukes, and much more, and it also allows players to get more coins as well as other bonuses. The brand new free version only features the ‘rush mode’ and has ads.
Mooniz is a game of cheeky and mysterious yet adorable critters invading Earth from the moon. This simple yet highly addictive action game is all about tapping the same colored groups and popping them to explode in a spectacular display of dazzling colors.
Mooniz Interactive has tied up with Talo Games, the leading developing of iOS games with two of their apps ranking #1 and #5 overall in the USA. Mooniz will now be available through Talo Games. The company has also released beautiful and exclusive backgrounds for you’re the iPhone and iPod touch as well as and shiny and sleek wallpapers and other artwork for the desktop.
Mooniz 1.8.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. The is an Android version available on Google Play.