Astronest: Lengendary Sci-Fi Strategy Looks to Ignite Intergalactic War

One of gaming\’s most beloved strategy titles, the sci-fi themed Astronest is making a comeback in a big way – as a free to play title on iOS. With ten chapters, 100 stages, and a universe to conquer, Astronest welcomes back players who remember it fondly, and offers new players an experience like none other.
Astronest takes place in a dystopian future. The planet Earth has been depleted of its resources and contaminated by pollution, forcing humanity to seek out space as a safe haven. A rich source of cosmic energy, the Cosment, was discovered, which allows these spacefarers to restore planets to a livable state. Unfortunately, there are two factions desperately trying to obtain Cosment, Terra and Neos, and their inability to make peace has made the universe their battleground.
Players can opt to play as either a Terra or Neos commander, with the ultimate goal of conquering the universe. To do so, they will need to hire the most courageous and clever heroes, research the deadliest weapons, and build a fleet worthy of intergalactic domination.
Astronest captures the heart and soul of the classic game and pairs it with beautifully rendered graphics, a slick game design, a comprehensive tutorial, and an epic soundtrack. The game is free to download and play, and contains an in-game shop for monetary purchases. To download Astronest and explore the stars, visit the iTunes App Store today.
* Players can experience the Astronest narrative from two different perspectives: the Federation of Empires (Terra) faction and the Liberty Alliance (Neos) faction
* Create a unique fleet designed to execute your personal conquest strategy utilizing thousands of battleship types
* Arm your fleet with 100 unique weapons
* Conduct research to allow your faction\’s technological knowledge to evolve
* Hire heroes: With 30 different professions and over twenty skills, there are thousands of unique combinations
* Experience ten chapters and 100 stages of nail-biting, breathtaking conquest (Expansion coming soon!)
* Witness your fleet face off against the enemy in animated battle sequences
* Prove your worth as a commander against dozens of raid bosses
Astronest – The Beginning 1.0.1 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.