Beat.FM – Feel the Radio/DJ Beat while Exercising – A New App for iOS

Digital Minds has just released its brand new app: Beat.FM 1.0 for iOS. This app for iPhone and iPod touch features the best beats that play on the radio, plus beats from DJs all over the world! Beat.FM is your ideal companion for all kinds of exercises – running, jogging, cycling or even just to go for a walk, because it allows you to choose the rhythm that you want! Just select the number of beats per minute (BPM) according to your mood, or to the rhythm of the exercise that you are going to do. Feeling perky? Then, raise your “BPM” and channel all the energy of the beat that you’re listening to, to your exercise!
Don’t like the music your listening to? The main menu allows you, not only to choose the BPM, but also to change to the next/previous beat and you can even save your favorite music and listen to them later.
Beat.FM is also extremely interactive! It allows you to use Facebook and Twitter, in order to share with your friends, what you are listening to while exercising. Moreover, it also allows you to see the number of times your favorite music was played on the app by other users.
No matter what exercise you’re doing, YOU define YOUR RYTHM! With Beat.FM you feel the beat and overcome your limits!
Feature Highlights:
* Change of Beat (BPM – 30/300) with intervals of 30 BPM
* Swipe forward or back to change track or to go back to the beginning
* Edit your Favorites
* Music History
* Share Music through Facebook and Twitter
* Music’s Information (Artist, Song, Title, BPM and number of times heard)
Beat.FM 1.0 is available at 50% discount price of $0.99 USD during the launching week and it’s available for iOS in the App Store in the Music category.