Isotope 244 is proud to release a new free puzzle strategy game for iOS titled 5BY5 Brain Game. 5BY5 Brain Game introduces totally new gameplay that has never been seen on any platform before. 5BY5 Brain Game features game logic like Sudoku mixed with Bejeweled. Players slide numbered tiles up and down, left and right, and match colors to gain points when groups of tiles add to 5.

Gamers tease their brain with an interesting mix of gameplay elements in this free strategy puzzler. “Using only one of these elements would provide a challenging game, and many games do this, but 5BY5 Brain Game makes your brain fire on all cylinders by making you utilize many different areas of the brain simultaneously. Areas dealing with color matching, forward-thinking, motor control, and simple math to name a few.” said the game’s developer James Bryant.

Studies published by researchers at the University of Iowa, reported in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS ONE found that a group using a computerized exercise for just 10 hours had significant gains in cognitive function. “It’s the ‘use it or lose it phenomenon,” said the study’s lead researcher Dr. Fredric Wolinsky.

In the 5BY5 Brain Game, players can challenge themselves in TIME and MOVE modes or compete with friends on Facebook and Game Center. The game is designed to match the look of iOS 7 and is only available on the Apple App Store. 5BY5 Brain Game players can unlock 55 themes to customize the look of the game via an in-app purchase.

Game Modes:
* Move – How high can you score given 55 moves
* Time – Make as many moves as you want in 55+55 seconds
* Multi – Play friends through Game Center turn-based multiplayer
* Pass – Challenge a friend locally on the same device
* Easy to learn rules that reveal complex strategy
* Compare scores on Game Center or Facebook
* Use hints and updos to score higher
* Unlock 55 themes to customize the look of the game
* Enjoy beautiful classical symphonic sound effects
5BY5 Brain Game 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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