Tapfuze today introduced a groundbreaking free app for iPhone and iPod touch that allows users to interact with paranormal energy like never before. Contact Paranormal was created as a utility by which mobile device users can communicate with energy of paranormal origin through a multi-sensory experience.
“We wanted to provide an experience that could really take advantage of the latest mobile technology,” says John Christensen, founder of Tapfuze software. “The result is something that exceeded even our expectations. The ability for a user to have a conversation with energy of paranormal origin is absolutely mind blowing. There is nothing out there like it.”
A new hand-held tool for paranormal investigations, Contact Paranormal works by analyzing generation sequences and audio input recognition to calculate predetermined proprietary response options. These options are then randomly generated to produce a lead interaction response. It is theorized that paranormal energy can effectively analyze and alter the random generation sequence to produce desired responses.
Following the format of a general EVP session, the user is expected to ask questions as prompted. The device screen will then proceed to display a response to the given questions. Proprietary response options may also be displayed through the iPhone flash and device vibrations.
Since 2008, iPhone Applications have consistently been at the forefront of the technological landscape. Contact Paranormal continues this tradition with innovative technology that is sure to thrill both paranormal enthusiasts and the general public alike.
Contact Paranormal 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category.