Geod Studio today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Dance Fantasy 1.0, their new dancing adventure game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Players explore a 3D fantasy world with a choice of 14 different female dancers who move and groove through the game. Each dancer provides a unique and distinctive flair to Dance Fantasy and players can select a new dancer at anytime during the game.
Feature Highlights:
* Vivid 3D graphical interface with rotating-camera views
* 14 different dancers
* Hundreds of moves from 7 popular dance styles
* Dance animation streamed up to 60 frames per second
* Ability to manually synch music with dancer’s performance
* Select audio tracks from personal music library
* Collect, earn, or purchase diamonds
Dance Fantasy challenges players to explore and capture treasure while their dancers perform steps from 7 popular dance styles. These styles include:
* Samba
* Salsa
* Swing
* Funny (i.e. Chicken Dance, Running Man, etc.)
* Hip Hop
* Breakdance
* Belly
Players will recognize several of the dance steps like the Running Man, Gangnam-style, the Chicken Dance, and perhaps learn a few new moves. Each dance is displayed in animation up to 60 frames per second for smooth and visual appeal. Players can select another dance at any time during the game.
The treasure in Dance Fantasy are the diamonds that can be found while the dancer explores the landscape. To capture the diamonds, the player must position and direct their dancer so that when they tap twice, the dancer captures the diamond when she flips in the air. Diamonds can also be earned or purchased through the in-app store. Diamonds can be used to change the dance or dancer at any time during the adventure.
The music soundtrack for Dance Fantasy is sourced from the player’s own music library. By tapping on the music icon, players can choose which beats they want their dancer to move to. Users can also manually synch the music with the dancer’s move. After disabling the bottom right icon, the user then taps on the screen to synch the dancer’s performance to the audio track.
“Dance Fantasy is a special combination of music, dance, and adventure that you will love!” says Tran Vu Truc of Geod Studio. “It is a unique experience filled with gorgeous 3D landscapes, a challenging adventure, and 14 beautiful girls who will dance their way into your heart. Download Dance Fantasy today to immerse yourself into this fun new game!”
For a limited time, Dance Fantasy 1.0 is free and available exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.