Do you remember the swing of the big band? The sound of jazz tickling through pop music? Were you one of the bobbie soxers, mesmerized by the voice of Blue Eyes? Did you go wild for The Beatles or scream for The Stones? Do you still long for funky soul, anarchistic British punk or those high-pitched voices singing Staying alive?
Well, here’s your chance to re-experience the sound of those days, while enjoying all 21st century gizmos. Vinyl – the Real Record Player – turns your iPad into a vintage record player that allows you to listen to your music the old-fashioned way. Vinyl consists of many different crisply designed record players, from plastic toy player to full-fledged hi-fi. Every turntable allows you to travel back to an old-skool music experience. From the 1940′s to the start of the new millennium: Vinyl gives you the unique look, feel and – most importantly – truly recognizable sound.
Enhancing the authentic experience, Vinyl is full of witty analog features. For example, records get gray and dirty when played frequently. (You can restore them by tapping the magical clean button.) You can play around with the rpm pitch and scratch like you’re Grandmaster Flash himself. When you bump you’re iPad, you’ll find out that Vinyl is as sensible as a real record player. Oh, and records can even get stuck in the groove, in the groove, in the groove.
Vinyl – the Real Record Player 1.0 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category. Watch Vinyl in action in the video. The iPhone version will be published in the near future.