Sungho Lee has announced the new release and worldwide availability of the Flashcard Elite application – an educational tool for iPhone and iPad devices, which in 3 days reached top popularity in South Korea. This simple and useful application is created to expand user’s memory with any type of vocabulary through a proven scientific algorithm.
Due to the access to the world’s largest vocabulary database – Quizlet, with over 13 million flashcard decks,the application becomes a perfect resource to prepare for SAT, ACT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and other language exams.
Upgrading skills with “text-to-speech” feature that supports 19 languages, user can achieve high results both in spelling and pronunciation. Variety of options makes it a good tool for everyone who wants to learn a foreign language or enrich native vocabulary with any type of lexis. Designed to be clear, it fits people of all ages. Smart usability lets the users customize flashcard decks on their choice, create new ones, use the bookmarks, modify categories and create new.
Once user registers he can use the same Quizlet account to serf the massive database either on mobile devices or PC. Flashcard Elite helps master the language in a very amusing and productive manner. Fun interactive games make education enjoyable. One can have a good time and progress with language skills as well as test the results by three existing methods in the application.
Flashcards Elite can also be applied in school. The application comes handy for memorization of historic events, dates and figures, scientific terms or jargons, making educational process more interactive and helping students gain better results while preparing for exams.
“It is a privilege to have developed an educational tool that my colleagues and I have always wished for as learners. Our comprehensive academic creation is shaped by inputs from students, teachers, parents, and employees around the world” – Sungho (Eric) Lee, developer of Flashcard Elite.
Flashcard Elite 1.2.2 is free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Education category.