Jumping across the lily pads, tree stumps and discarded life rings the ever-hungry Froggie is catching as many flys as possible in this fun and captivating world. iPhone and iPad gamers seeking a new challenge can enjoy the frantic gameplay by helping Froggie extend his tongue in pursuit of this fast moving and delicious feast, in the newly launched universal iOS game Flychaser from Oofsource OU.
In a modern and highly addictive take on a classic gameplay premise, users are transported to 5 beautiful and dynamic worlds where they must take on the role of Froggie and use their finger ability and co-ordination to catch as many flys as possible. Jumping across various floating objects Froggie must ensure the flying snacks are within range of his eager tongue, with points scored for number of flys caught, speed, combinations and each successfully completed level. Four game modes; Combination mode, migration, big hunting and duel ensure long-lasting gameplay and a varied challenge, all set to wonderfully fun sound effects and original background music.
Single player gameplay expands across 100 individually designed levels and include additional mini-games, labyrinths and a variety of tricky traps. A bonus shop offers power-ups to aid the challenge while Game Center support, along with a peer-to-peer tournament mode, provides a multi-player contest to find the ultimate Flychaser competitor.
“This funny arcade game is our first attempt at creating games to be played on touch-screen devices. Thanks to the dynamic gameplay, you’ll need to demonstrate great finger agility.” commented Denis Berekchiyan, CEO of Oofsource OU. “As Fly Chaser enhances the attention span and reaction time, it’ll be interesting for children and adults alike. We hope you’ll like the adventures of the amusing Froggie, and you won’t have to wait long for their continuation.”
Flychaser, the fun arcade game that is suitable for users of all ages, including children, currently enjoys an impressive 4.5 out of 5 average rating on the App Store and is available as a universal download for iPhone and iPad.
via PR Mac