Xylio announces the next generation of Future DJ, its flagship iOS DJ app packed with intuitive and advanced new features. The app takes advantage of the iPad’s innovative Multi Touch interface to give users full control over the many functions that make this app a true DJ experience.
DJs and music-oriented people have started to see the future DJ-ing capabilities that the iPad can offer for mixing their favorite music. Future DJ appeals to this need, directly linking the user to their iTunes/iPod music library. By providing easy access anyone can start mixing straight away, even if they’re on the move. The new record function comes as a very convenient feature for recording any mix/music.
Future DJ is able to automatically analyze a track’s BPM, as well as instantaneously synchronize the beats of two songs at the touch of a (sync) button.
New features include advanced loop features with In/Out, Loop More, Previous/Next Loop and Exit/Reloop buttons. Effects have never been easier to use and combine, thanks to Future DJ’s effects XY pad, with 9 different effects making a total of 81 different combinations possible. The 3-band EQ knobs, EQ kill switches and Gain knobs ensure that everyone can tweak their tracks/music in every way to create a complex mix and seamless transitions.
The app comes with a powerful 8-banks sample player (iPad only) that automatically synchronizes any sample triggered by the user with the song that’s playing in any of the two audio decks. The multiple hot cue-points and the sample pads complement each other, enabling a multitude of sounds that can be seamlessly integrated in any mix.
Brake, skip beat, scratch, disk spin and reverse-play are some of the other features that you will find in this app. The song’s speed can be controlled through the pitch slider, thus being able to manually mix by bringing both songs to the same BPM.
Users will be able to mix at the touch of a button through the automatic Mix feature, which automatically brings the two songs at the same BPM, while at the same time seamlessly moving the crossfader to the other song.
Future DJ doesn’t just bring features from the desktop to the mobile iOS platform. We also use the iPhone to create distinctive features. One of these is MotionPlaying(TM), a feature that uses the iPhone’s gyroscope to play, pause, scratch, slow down and speed up a track simply through the motion applied to the device.
Future DJ 1.1 is $3.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category. Promo codes are available on request.